Indian Food in Poland & Other Stories


There are some things in life you just don’t do. Walk around in¬†golf ball-sized hail. Eat Indian food in Poland.

Of course, some people still do stupid things, and mine did not seem stupid at the time. The Indian restaurant had been a favorite of my friends’, and we went on Easter, when very little was open. Alas, it was a mistake.

The lassi was my downfall.

The food poisoning I experienced over the next 24 hours was unpleasant, and afflicted only me, and I’m grateful I didn’t lose more of the trip to it.

Now, let’s talk about how marvelous the rest of the food was. I am ashamed of the number of food photos I took on this trip.


Our spoils from the market.

Do you see that beautiful bacon? That bacon was good enough to deserve the reputation regular bacon has in this country. It deserved to be revered. And everything was so cheap.

Apples $1 a kilo. Cheese about $2-3 a pound. Ham & bacon about $5 a pound.

Pierogi are one of the best inventions of man, and I ate as many of them as I could handle. I think I need to learn to make them next…

And finally, food of the drunks: Zapiekanka.



This is about $1 worth of food, and 100% amazing.

Food, I still love you, and I’m willing to overlook the lassi betrayal.


Goodbye, Krakow



Well, I’m back home now. Every time I go to Europe, I feel like I belong, and it’s always jarring to come back.

There’s so much to say about the trip, so I’m going to split this up over a few posts. But for now…

Krakow was amazing!